The Different Types of Keno Tickets in an Online Casino

Playing Keno online is similar to playing Keno in a live casino. The rules of the game remain the same regardless of your playing setting. However, online casinos offer a few extras for Keno that are not common in land based casinos. When you play Keno in an online casino, you are offered several choices of Keno cards. These cards vary from the ones in land based casinos and offer more chances to win.

The Different Types of Keno Tickets in an Online Casino

Straight Keno Tickets: A straight ticket in Keno is a single ticket that lists all of the Keno numbers once. These tickets are typically used in land based casinos and online casinos. However, some online casinos offer you a chance to bet on more Keno numbers, up to forty.

Split Keno Tickets: A split ticket in Keno has two Keno boards on one ticket. These type of tickets give you a chance to play to separate games of Keno in one round, which doubles your odds of winning.

Way Keno Tickets: With a way ticket in Keno you have the opportunity to pick a large series of numbers. These tickets are specifically designed for betting in groups. If you prefer to pick individual numbers, you should stick with straight Keno tickets.

King Keno Tickets: With a king ticket in keno, you still have the opportunity to pick large group of numbers, but one number is considered the “king.” This can mean different things in online casinos. For example, the wager may be higher on your “king” number.

Combination Keno Tickets: Combination tickets in Keno combine straight tickets with grouping tickets. These type of tickets are ideal if you want to bet on a large amount of numbers in the Keno game. With a combination ticket, you can bet on a group of numbers as well as individual numbers, all on the same ticket.

For the best online Keno experience, you should try each type of ticket until you get a feel for the difference in the game. Combination tickets may suit you better than standard straight tickets and vice versa. By trying different ticket combinations you can also vary your Keno lucky numbers, which will increase your odds over time.